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Sunday, February 9, 2014

BTC Faucets Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Faucets (for Android)

The only free faucet app with no nasty ads banners (well, faucet websites have ads but not from this app :-) )
A great and quick way to manage all the faucets websites, and more coming soon. Get free bitcoin (actually micro bitcoin) by browsing websites and filling captcha or waiting 5 minutes. No registration / purchase / review needed, the websites listed are not "perform an action" to get free bitcoin (these are usually not free)
Please use the websites on PC first if you are new. Then use this app to maintain easily your times.
- Notification reminder when time is up to continue
- No need to type in your BTC address all the time
- Most device now support auto-focus on the captcha (Coinbox sites only)
- Optional "Extra" sites: bitvisitor and freebitcoinz
- ... more coming soon (earnings per sites, last earning per site...)

Bitcoin Faucets is the app you need to have instant access to websites which gives you free Bitcoin by just entering your Bitcoin Address.
The app has 73 Bitcoin Faucets to choose and for your convenience, it has a field that allows you to store your Bitcoin Address in your device, so you can copy/paste the address to the faucets fast and easy.
Faucet Owners information: If you are an owner of a Bitcoin Faucet not listed in the app and would like it to be added, please send an email and I'll add it as soon as possible.
NOTE: This app is legitimate and I don't have access to your Bitcoin Addresses. It is all stored in your device. The Online capabilities are needed to access the websites and the identity features are used for the advertisement displayed in the app.

I think i prefer for BTC Faucets Bitcoin, because easy to use and user friendly and no need to go out from your apps.


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