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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Whatsapp vs Line vs WeChat vs KakaoTalk


Simple interface
Alerts a user immediately when a message is received
Users can turn this alert option on or off
Sharing of multimedia files more easily (than regular MMS)
Just like an online chat application, users can change and edit their status to whatever they want.

You can also share your current location on Google Maps, upload a profile photo, use emoticons in your chats, or change the appearance of your conversation.
The Group Chat option allows users to chat with up to 10 people in a single conversation.

No verification – WhatsApp did not request for a verification of my phone number or identity when I signed up.
WhatsApp automatically picks up on ALL the existing contacts in your address book without your authorization.
It would suffice if the contacts viewable on a user’s WhatsApp account are just those already registered on WhatsApp, not those that have not given their consent.
I use the Symbian OS, and I am unable to completely log off from WhatsApp.


LINE is a Japanese based app that allows you to make free calls and send free messages to iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry phones as well as other Macs and PCs.

Call for free to any mobile device, PC or Mac
Supports short audio and video messages

No video calling yet
Too many useless stickers for Western users


Pros & Cons
WeChat is a free WhatsApp style social networking app featuring video conferencing, QR code invites and a few other interesting features.

WeChat is cross platform and includes individual and group messaging with text, voice notes, images, videos and location data. WeChat allows free HD video calls, secure message storage and does not invade your chats with intrusive advertising. WeChat also supports video recordings, syncing of phone contacts and GPS.
The interface of WeChat will be familiar to anyone that's ever used WhatsApp. Chats, Contacts, Social and Settings are listed along the bottom and new notifications appear in your WeChat timeline. WeChat also features an interesting real time Live Chat feature for groups and you can invite people into the chat using QR codes. WeChat also saves your chat history so that you can search it any time.

Other than that however, WeChat is just another Facetime/WhatsApp alternative that doesn't offer anything new. As the developer is based in China, it's also considerably more popular in Asia than the rest of the World.

WeChat is an interesting WhatsApp style chat client that can be a bit overwhelming with notifications but is an interesting alternative to WhatsApp.


It’s free to download
Messaging ability to others
A free call function. You can call others with this application if you have a 3G or WiFi connection. This obviously means that others will also need KaKaoTalk on their phones and will have to add you their “friends list”.
You can download free and premium themes to customize the look of the application.
You can change the background for each “chat room” that you have.
You can create group chats, to talk to more than one person.

Not many people outside of South Korea use KaKaoTalk. While it’s a nice app, unfortunately, not too many people use it in the west and Asia. It’s more of a local app for South Koreans to communicate.
It doesn’t have a computer application, yet. So, you can’t run this app on your computer.
You have to pay for emoticons that are otherwise not free.

Whatsapp vs Line vs WeChat vs KakaoTalk


  1. i used all except kakaotalk..

  2. Kakao is the best with animated emoticons and theme

  3. I love Both and I also use my blog
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