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Friday, August 16, 2013

Web-DL vs BluRip

Though, I'm pretty curious about this.
For a few days, me and some of my friends are arguing about web-dl and blu-ray, about which one is better and HOW MUCH better.
I know blu-ray means directly copied and encoded from a Blu-ray disk and Web-dl in downloaded from a Online source (itunes, amazon) and then encoded and released.

- Quality = No logo, ads, rating, etc.
- Size = 1.5GB
- Availability = 1 day to 1 week after the show is aired. Sometimes released in batches months after the show airs.
- Source = Actual footage encoded into a file and released on the web (usually itunes)

- Quality = No logo, ads, rating, etc. Often have multiple audio tracks or multiple subtitle tracks
- Size - 2.2GB+
- Availability = A few days after the Bluray is available
- Source - Bluray disk

WEB-DL are downloaded/streamed directly from the content provider (iTunes Apple or other online sources) and the DRM(Digital rights management) is stripped away.

They encode these things with low average bitrate and also low peak bitrate so that they stream smoother on slow connections. Also they encode with relatively weak H.264 settings to allow them play on old generation iPods etc.

So 720p 4000kbps WEB-DL encoded by a content provider is significantly worse than 4000kbps x264 Bluray rip encoded by a torrent group

Personally I like Web-DLs the best. I can't tell the quality difference between a Web-DL and a Bluray on a 60" Plasma. They also save a ton of space over Bluray files.



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